First grade students at Elkhorn’s newest elementary school, Woodbrook Elementary, recently took their science lessons and applied them to their surroundings as they learned about air and weather.

During the lessons, students first worked together to discover that air actually takes up space and has the ability to move objects.  They determined this through a series of experiments including blowing up a balloon, using their breath to blow a feather around their desks, and capturing air in a storage bag.  Once they’d gone through the lessons, it was time to take their learning outdoors and see how their new knowledge could be applied outdoors.  In doing so, students observed clouds, learning about the different types, and becoming temporary meteorologists as they tried to determine what the clouds in the sky meant about future weather patterns.

Ms. Lewis, one Woodbrook first grade teacher, commented on the lesson and the students’ reaction to it stating “Students enjoyed exploring new science concepts through hands-on experiments and love that they were able to make many connections between their findings and the world around them.”