Who’s taller, Nash or Nolan?  Which classroom item is heavier, an eraser or a pair of scissors?  How many dominos does it take to equal the length of 10 carpet tiles?  The answers to all of these questions and more were discovered as kindergarten students at Fire Ridge elementary worked through their math lessons about weight, length, and measurements!

As part of their unit learning goal, students worked in partners and teams to compare objects by their height, weight, length and capacity.  Using a variety of objects including cubes, links, balance scales, string, measuring cups, and photos, students made measurements observations, recorded those observations, and discussed their findings using key vocabulary terms learned throughout their lesson.

According to Ms. DeBolt, a Fire Ridge kindergarten teacher, students enjoyed the lesson so much that took it outside of the classroom as well, using sidewalk chalk to trace classmates then comparing their heights and lining up from shortest to tallest.   “Being able to provide an engaging, hands-on learning experience that students are able to connect to even outside of the classroom is always a win!”