In the event of inclement weather, EPS may consider a 2-hour late start, 2-hour early dismissal, or a full-day closure based on predicted weather conditions.  The late start and early dismissal options allow families to avoid rush hour traffic, provide additional time for streets, sidewalks, and parking lots to be cleared, and reduce the need for students to travel while it is still dark outside.

To ensure ample planning time, the District will alert families to the decision of a 2-hour late start or early release the evening before the occurrence if possible.  A late start or early dismissal may turn into a full-day closure if a review of the most recent weather forecast warrants such a change. An updated message will be communicated to families if a change is necessary.

Start times for a 2-hour late start will be as follows:

  • Elementary:      10:15 AM
  • Middle School:  10:10 AM
  • High School:     10:10 AM

For a 2-hour late start, buses will run accordingly, and no school breakfast will be offered.   Morning preschool will be canceled, but afternoon preschool will continue as normally scheduled.  Early morning activity practices will be canceled on the mornings of a late start. School lunch will be served as usual on days with late starts.

For a 2-hour early dismissal, release times will be as follows:

  • Elementary:     1:06 PM
  • Middle School: 1:20 PM
  • High School:    1:20 PM

Buses will run accordingly.   Morning preschool will continue as scheduled, but afternoon preschool will be canceled. Lunch will be provided prior to the early dismissal.  After-school practices and activities will be canceled or postponed on days of a weather-related early dismissal. Evening activities will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

All weather-related changes will be communicated via email and phone calls. We understand the inconvenience that weather cancellations, delays, and dismissals create for families, but we will continue to prioritize student and staff safety by taking the time to make the best decision possible given the unpredictable nature of weather and forecasting.