All students participating in athletics are required to purchase an Activity Pass (this is their Activity Fee). An activity pass will allow entry to all middle or high school athletic contests at Elkhorn Public Schools. Students not participating in athletics can also purchase an activity pass for entry into all EPS athletic contests. This activity pass does not grant entry to other schools, Conference Tournaments, District or State contests.

How to Purchase

An activity pass can be purchased online by logging into the School Payment Portal using your LunchTime username and password (or in person by check or cash) and picked up at any Elkhorn middle or high school during normal school hours. If purchased online please bring a copy of your receipt.

For individuals that do not have current students but are wishing to purchase an activity pass, passes may be purchased in-person at Elkhorn High School or Elkhorn South High School with the Activities Secretary.


Students – $35
Adults – $55
Senior Citizens – $55*
*Per Board Policy 1006.07, Elkhorn Public Schools provides District residents aged 65 and older with a free activities pass.  Those eligible to receive this pass may pick it up at the EPS Central Administration Office, located at 20650 Glenn Street, Elkhorn, NE 68022.  A Driver’s License will be required as proof of District residence.

Student Athletes

All students participating in middle or high school athletics are required to pay a $35 Activity Fee. One activity pass is provided with this fee. Students interested in participating in athletics should visit one of the following websites for further directions and forms.

Antlers Activities (Schools North of Dodge Street)
Storm Activities (Schools South of Dodge Street)