Elkhorn prides itself on offering high quality curriculum that is consistent across its growing number of buildings. Teachers across the district work together to develop Curriculum Cards that outline student learning goals for each course. They also collaborate to develop and purchase materials designed to help guide continuity in pacing and learning expectations, while allowing flexibility to meet the needs of individual students.

Curriculum is formally reviewed on a seven year cycle. This review process includes a research phase during which teacher committees study best practices in their field, review and revise current Curriculum Cards to align to state or national standards, and review available new materials. Once the curriculum has been approved by the EPS Board of Education and materials have been determined, teachers work to implement the new curriculum, make adjustments as needed, and monitor the effectiveness of the curriculum through student achievement results.

Clicking on the link above will take you to the Curriculum Card for each course offered in the Elkhorn Public Schools. Curriculum Cards outline core student learning goals for each course that is taught in the district.

Clicking on the link above will take you to the Nebraska State Standards to which Elkhorn has aligned its curriculum.


Elkhorn Public Schools is committed to delivering instruction to all students using research-based best practices. The Elkhorn Instructional Model (EIM) supports teachers to guide their teaching to best meet the needs of all students. Through professional learning, reflection, and feedback, teachers work to continually improve instructional practices which will result in higher levels of learning for their students.




The core mission of the Elkhorn Public Schools is to assure high levels of learning that will allow students many options when they graduate from our schools. The EPS Assessment plan is designed to look at multiple sources of information in order to guide us in our mission of continuous improvement and to provide us with a method for gauging the effectiveness of our curriculum and instruction. Assessment data provides teachers with information that can help improve instruction, and it provides students and parents with valuable information about student progress.

A variety of measures are used to allow us to verify that student learning is taking place. These measures include minute-by-minute formative assessment, classroom assignments, quizzes, tests, District Common Assessments, and outside measures such as Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests, ACT, and NSCAS (Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System). Results of these assessments allow teachers to better understand each student’s current level of learning and to identify supports that may be needed to help students attain the district’s guaranteed curriculum.

To view results from state-level tests please take a look at our annual reports.