Elkhorn Public Schools contracts with Chief Bus Service for route transportation. Bus service will be provided in accordance with state law and district policy. Families living in the district beyond the four-mile limit will be provided free bus transportation or pursuant to state laws. The cost of parent- pay transportation per child is $86.70 per month for a round-trip and $49.50 per month for one-way. There is a discount for round-trip transportation of $5 per month for the second child, $10 per month for the third child, and any additional children would ride without charge. It is important to understand that this option is only available when there is an existing bus route near the residence of the parent-pay request.

Bus Application
Please download and complete the linked application.  For questions, please call 402-289-2579.

Ride Guide
Please read over the Ride Guide with your child before they start riding the bus.

Detailed Bus Route Information
Review Specific bus route details by following the link above.