Welcome to Elkhorn Public Schools!

Per EPS Board Policy, students are assigned to their school based on their address of residence.  The boundary map linked below will assist you in determining the building to which your student(s) will be assigned.

If you have recently purchased a lot to begin building a residence or are currently in the process of building a new home that is not yet complete, please contact Anne Doerr at adoerr@epsne.org or 402-289-2579 to begin the “Temporary Non-Resident” procedure.  For more information on this policy and process, please review the EPS “Temporary Non-Resident” Board Policy.

After reviewing the boundary maps and determining your assigned school, please follow the below links to complete your online enrollment.  Upon completion, please contact your assigned school at the phone number listed below to set up a new student appointment.

2021-2022 School Year

2021-2022 School Year Online Enrollment: For incoming kindergarten students or any 1st-12th grade student that did not attend an EPS school in the previous school year. Preschool families should refer to the “Screening” or “Parent Pay” information found on the Preschool Page.

*In an effort to reduce overcrowding at Spring Ridge Elementary, new families moving into Double Creek Estates, Crimson Ridge, Cherry Ridge, Bay Ridge, Pacific Ridge, Pacific Springs, Saddle Ridge, Shadow Lakes, Shadow Ridge, South Pine Point, The Grove, The Highlands, Village at Pacific Springs, Village Cove, Village Pointe East, West View Ridge, Whispering Pines, South Ridge, and The Beckham Apartments MAY be reassigned to Fire Ridge, West Bay, or West Dodge Station, as space allows. At this time, please complete the registration process for Spring Ridge elementary, and any necessary reassignment information will be communicated to you via email no later than August 10 annually. If you have questions prior to receiving your reassignment information, please contact Anne Doerr at 402-289-2579 or adoerr@epsne.org.


The following documents are required for enrollment:

  1. Original Birth Certificate with raised seal
    *copy may be uploaded, but original must be presented at New Student appointment*
  2. Proof of district residence
    *current MUD or OPPD bill; if you have not yet received a bill at this residence, a  purchase agreement or closing documents are also accepted*
  3. Immunization Record – immunizations for poliomyelitis, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, hepatitis B two doses of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), and two varicella (chicken pox) immunizations (or proof that they have had the disease)
    *PLEASE NOTE: proof of immunization is required before attendance is allowed*
  4. Current (within 6 months) physical examination and visual examination documentation
    (see “Health Physical” form below)
  5. School records from previous schools
    (Form will be available at New Student Appointment)
  6. Report card, unofficial transcript, or any curriculum recommendations and/or standardized test scores from previous school
    (Form will be available at New Student Appointment)
    (GRADES 9-12)
  7. Special Education: IEP/MDT if available
  8. Foster children or wards of the state or court: court documents and pertinent school records

If you have additional questions or need assistance with the online registration process, please call your assigned building at the number listed below.

Elementary Schools

Arbor View Elementary 402-289-1007
Blue Sage Elementary 402-332-0125
Fire Ridge Elementary 402-289-0735
Hillrise Elementary 402-289-2602
Manchester Elementary 402-289-2590
Spring Ridge Elementary 402-637-0204
Sagewood Elementary 402-289-9078
Skyline Elementary 402-289-3433
West Bay Elementary 402-289-9045
West Dodge Station Elementary 402-289-2773
Westridge Elementary 402-289-2559
Woodbrook Elementary 402-289-1823

Middle Schools

Elkhorn Grandview Middle School 402-289-9399
Elkhorn Middle School 402-289-2428
Elkhorn North Ridge Middle School 402-289-5758
Elkhorn Ridge Middle School 402-334-9302
Elkhorn Valley View Middle School 402-289-0362

 High Schools

Elkhorn High School 402-289-4239
Elkhorn North High School 402-289-0322
Elkhorn South High School 402-289-0616