Anne Doerr, Executive Director of Student Services
Kristi Backora Gross, Director of Special Education
Suzy Graver, Special Education Coordinator 
Megan Albers, Special Education Coordinator
Adrienne Kennedy, Special Education Coordinator

Comprehensive special education programs in the Elkhorn Public Schools consist of teachers, psychologists, speech pathologists, physical and occupational therapists, educational assistants and instructional specialists serving students with disabilities from birth to age 21.  Special Education programs and services are integrated into each school building throughout the District. In the Elkhorn Public Schools, special education is viewed not as a “place” but as specially designed instructional support.

Elkhorn Public Schools supports inclusive practices for children with disabilities. Every effort is made to maintain all students in their neighborhood settings with their age-appropriate peers. The District’s mission statement clearly states that we maintain a focus on the unique needs of all learners. Special education services assist teachers in meeting the unique needs of all learners by providing support to the students and classroom teachers. Creativity in problem solving and collaborative decision making are fundamental in the promotion of inclusive practices.

Special education is dedicated to providing support and services to ensure our students’ progress toward their highest potential. We take pride in our quality programs to appropriately meet the needs of each student.