Fifth grade students at Spring Ridge elementary recently took part in one of the strongest traditions, truly a right-of-passage for EPS fifth-graders, as they attended Outdoor Education. The program looked a little bit different this year as students participated in one day of activities at Camp Kitaki, and a second day of activities at Spring Ridge Elementary.  In addition to general team-building activities, students also had the opportunity to experience activities that they would not generally be exposed to including canoeing, rock-wall climbing, archery, and hiking.

The activities students partook in at Spring Ridge included Tug-a-War, Capture the Flag, Bottle Rockets, Owl Pellets, art activities, and an Earth Day community service project that gave students the chance to clean up the grounds around their school.

Mr. Fellman, a Spring Ridge 5th grade teacher, expands on the purpose of Outdoor Education for students beyond the fun they have stating “Outdoor Ed is meant to build and expand the minds of students for the next step of their education process. It’s about team building, overcoming obstacles and fears, not being afraid to try something new, and having a positive attitude about any situation that could develop along the way.”