Registration for new EPS students entering grades 1-12 will be held on Tuesday, July 30, and Wednesday, July 31, 2024, at all EPS buildings.  New students should set up an appointment by contacting his/her assigned building after July 22, 2024. To confirm your school assignment and review the list of required documentation, please visit the New Students page.

Elementary Schools

Arbor View Elementary 402-289-1007
Blue Sage Elementary 402-332-0125
Fire Ridge Elementary 402-289-0735
Hillrise Elementary 402-289-2602
Manchester Elementary 402-289-2590
Spring Ridge Elementary 402-637-0204
Sagewood Elementary 402-289-9078
Skyline Elementary 402-289-3433
West Bay Elementary 402-289-9045
West Dodge Station Elementary 402-289-2773
Westridge Elementary 402-289-2559
Woodbrook Elementary 402-289-1823

Middle Schools

Elkhorn Grandview Middle School 402-289-9399
Elkhorn North Ridge Middle School 402-289-5787
Elkhorn Middle School 402-289-2428
Elkhorn Ridge Middle School 402-334-9302
Elkhorn Valley View Middle School 402-289-0362

  High Schools

Elkhorn High School 402-289-4239
Elkhorn North High School 402-289-0322
Elkhorn South High School 402-289-0616