Students in Mrs. Thies’s first grade classroom are seeing red, and maybe a little green, in all the best ways as the focus of some of their recent science lessons turned to all things apples!

Starting at the beginning with the life cycle of an apple tree, first graders have learned everything they need regarding apples including how they grow, the significance of bees to the life cycle of the apple, and the various uses for apples in everyday life.  The lessons culminate in two big ways – apple day in the classroom, where students bring in an apple, then take turns learning how to use an apple peeler to make a homemade batch of warm applesauce, and a field trip to Arbor Day Farms Apple Orchard to experience the apple life cycle in real life!  According to one first grade student, Kyler Shirley, ““Apple Day is the most fun!”.  Classmates Bryce Bowman and Willow Devetter agree, saying “Our class made the best applesauce, it tasted awesome”, and “the apple was cool to watch as it went through the peeler and got smooshed for our applesauce!”.

When it’s all said and done, it’s safe to say that apple lessons are some of the most exciting, and tastiest, lessons this year!