Kindergarten students at Westridge Elementary are learning the importance of words that specify the order of events in storytelling and incorporating some baking into their lessons, too! To begin, students heard the story of the gingerbread man, followed by an opportunity to work together to make, bake, and chase their gingerbread creations.

After reading the story, students mixed up a batch of gingerbread cookies, focusing on keywords that would help them identify the proper order for completing the steps.  First, add the ingredients together into the bowl.  Next, each student had a turn to stir them all up!  Finally, place the dough on the cookie sheet and pop them in the oven!  Once they’d made the mix and the gingerbread was baking in the oven, students practiced their writing and spelling skills as they wrote down each step they had taken to help them remember the importance of following steps in the correct order. 

Finally, the timer said the cookies were done, but when students returned to collect their baked goods, they mad mysteriously disappeared from the oven!  A clue on the wall led students on a gingerbread-finding mission as they traversed the school, reading clues, and using their deduction skills to help them figure out where to look next.  After clues led them to the gym, the principal’s office, and the media center, a final clue pointed them back to their classroom, where their gingerbread creations were patiently awaiting a final step – decorate and eat! 

It’s a lesson that kindergarten students across the District participate in, and according to Westridge kindergarten teacher, Ms. Steele, a class favorite that students look forward to all semester long!