There’s something for every student to look forward to as they enter Mr. Scholten’s art classroom at West Bay elementary.  While every grade level may be focusing on a different project, style, or artist, they all still have one very important thing in common: entering the art room means it’s time to let their creativity fly!

Currently, for first-grade students, the focus of their time is learning about the relationship between movement and lines.  Their challenge – to make as many crazy lines as possible using a paintbrush dangled on a string from 3 feet off the ground.  The end result – a crazy hair day llama created using movement to make their lines and a better understanding of how and why lines are so impacted by movement.

2nd grade students will be quick to tell you that bugs aren’t just for science class anymore!  While they are learning about insects and their anatomy during science lessons, students also have the chance to create an insect sculpture of their own in art class. In creating their insect sculptures, students consider the size and shape relationships of an insect’s anatomy, a lesson that pairs perfectly with the work of a 17th century artist whose pieces were so realistic that scientists actually used them to study bugs.  Students also have a chance to talk in-depth about 3D form words and their importance in the creation of their insect sculptures!

Fall has finally arrived, and for West Bay 3rd graders that means delving deeper into their year-long focus on contrasting shadows and highlights while they create batik pumpkins!  Students created their pumpkin focal points using complementary colors to highlight the pumpkins and really help them stand out on their burlap backgrounds.

Wondering what else these students have in common?  At the end of the school year, each of them will have reason to celebrate and show off one of their art projects as they make an appearance at the 3rd annual red carpet event, the West Bay Art Show!  What an opportunity for each of West Bay’s budding artists!