Policy 902.03

Developing Educational Specifications

To insure that new facilities are designed to implement the District’s educational programs, the Superintendent shall establish educational specifications to apply when planning and building school facilities. In this process the Superintendent shall involve staff members, community groups, consultants, and other resource personnel from state agencies, colleges and universities.

The educational specifications will include at least the following:

1. Profile of the students to be served by a facility (age level, number, physical needs).

2. Educational program spatial requirements to accommodate present and/or proposed educational programs.

3. Accessibility considerations so that all parts of the facility are reasonably accessible to all potential users of the facility.

4. Flexibility considerations so that the facility may be adjustable to future changes in educational program.

5. The kinds and amounts of furniture, casework, technology (computers, network access, etc.,) and equipment needed.

6. Expandability consideration so that the facility may support future additions if necessary.

7. Special site considerations of aesthetics, student/staff safety, cooperative community use, and traffic patterns.

8. Any other kinds of unique information that will give guidance to an architect.

Approved: January 13, 1997
Revised: September 11, 2006