Policy 902.02

Forecasting Future Facility Needs

The Board recognizes the importance of providing school facilities that serve the District’s students and enhance the District’s educational programs. The Superintendent is directed to establish procedures as necessary to forecast facility needs. In so doing, the Superintendent may draw upon a wide range of resources including utility, commercial, industrial, and governmental (county, state, and federal) entitities, planning consultants and the District staff.

Future facility needs will be determined upon the following criteria:

1. The capacity and extent of use of existing facilities.

2. Enrollment projections per grade level.

3. The educational program goals of the district.

4. Safety and welfare of students.

5. Economic conditions, housing developments, community zoning and planning data.

6. Cost/benefit considerations relating to future facility needs.

7. Financial resources of the District.

Approved: January 13, 1997
Revised: September 11, 2006