Administrative Rules and Procedures to Implement Policy 505.07

Procedure for Consideration of New Additional Interscholastic Athletics

1. The following criteria should be considered in deciding whether or not to add a new sport:

A. Available numbers of students should be identified and documented as interested, potential participants. This could be done by an interest survey.

(1) Available numbers of students should be identified and documented as interested or committed participants, and have enough athletes to be able to function as a Team or Individual Sport under the definition provided by the NSAA for the activity.

B. The district should have employed or be able to employ enough qualified coaches.

C. The district should possess or have access to adequate facilities to properly conduct the sport (both practice and competition facilities/grounds).

D. The sport must be sanctioned and governed by the NSAA.

E. The provision for funding must be available. Funding for coaches, equipment, fees, transportation, facilities, and facilities maintenance should be identified and available.

F. The sport under consideration should demonstrate a long-term participation level. After fully studying these criteria, the Board will act on the request after reviewing a formal proposal by the administration.

Approved: December 10, 1990
Revised: December 9, 1996
Revised: April 10, 2006
Revised: March 7, 2022