Administrative Rules and Procedures to Implement Policy 505.04


Fund raisers involving students must be conducted under the following guidelines:

  1. All fund raisers must have a specific school or school/Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) purpose.
  2. All fund raisers must be approved in advance by the building principal.
  3. Fund raisers should be kept to a minimum (one per building or organization per year).
  4. Students may be involved in a fund raiser only on a voluntary basis.
  5. A letter from the principal or principal’s designee will be attached to the student’s fund raising materials stating:
    1. the purpose of the fund raiser and the intended use of funds raised.
    2. the duration (dates) of the fund raiser.
    3. the voluntary nature of participation in the fund raiser.
    4. a phone number to call if there are questions about the fund raiser.
  6. The use of incentives for student participation and door-to-door solicitation shall be minimized to as great an extent as possible.

Any employee who directly or indirectly seeks to use their position as a district employee to fundraise (such as through a crowd funding initiative) must obtain prior approval from the superintendent or superintendent’s designee before taking any action to fundraise and must comply with district requirements.

An employee who receives permission to fundraise shall abide by the following requirements:

  1. The employee shall inform the superintendent or superintendent’s designee of any content (including online messages or requests) that the employee intends to publish.
  2. The employee shall not violate any district policy, rule or law in any fundraising efforts and shall keep all student information confidential.
  3. The employee must account for any money raised through the approved fundraising effort and shall provide evidence to the Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee as to how the money was spent.
  4. All Fundraisers for School Programs are either run by the District Activity or by the Booster Club for the Activity
  5. If the Fundraiser is coordinated by the District Activity, Team, Club, or Group:
  6. ALL monies are counted by two representatives, and a deposit sheet is submitted with the monies collected, and deposited into the District Activity Account. ALL payments made with those monies are taken out of the District Activity account – utilizing a Requisition, and supporting documentation (invoice, receipt, or requesting a virtual credit card number to use for the payment). Any proceed check from a third party should be made out to the Elkhorn Public Schools and given to the principal or designee to be deposited in the proper account.
  7. Payments over $600 to an individual require a 1099 form – payments can only be made if the District has set them up as a vendor, and has a W-9 form on file.
  8. The monies raised are to benefit the program and its participants. Facility use is free to the program, but custodial fees are paid to the District.
  9. If the fundraiser is coordinated by a Booster Club: The Booster Club is responsible for proper recordkeeping for all monies collected and spent. No district employee should be responsible for spending the funds, is not to be an authorized signer on the bank account, and no district employees should be paid by the booster club – reimbursements only with proper supporting documentation. Money raised by the booster club is to be spent ONLY to benefit/ support the activities of the District.
  10. The booster club pays the District for facility use per the Facility Use Policy

Approved: October 12, 1992
Revised: December 11, 1995
Revised: April 10, 2006
Proposed Revised: November 13, 2017
Revised: May 5, 2023