Administrative Rules and Procedures to Implement Policy 407.02

Extra Duty Pay

Faculty advisors may be required to accompany a student or group of students to a regional or national competition for which the student or students have qualified through competition and/or merit.

Specific advance approval of the building Principal and Superintendent is required for the District to pay or reimburse faculty advisors when the advisor accompanies a student or group of students under this policy.

Such reimbursement or payment may be made only when revenues are budgeted and available. Any expenses other than reimbursed or paid under District policy shall be borne by the faculty advisor and/or the student or group of students.

Legal Reference:
Neb Rev. Stat. 13-2203(1)

Approved: July 13, 1992
Revised: August 12, 1996
Revised: November 12, 2001
Revised: July 11, 2005