Policy 406.02

Certificated Employee Qualifications, Recruitment and Selection

The board, on the recommendation of the superintendent, shall employ, assign, and transfer certificated school personnel and adopt policies and approve regulations governing their employment and duties. The district shall conduct a criminal background check on any applicant at the point of consideration for selection. The dismissal of certificated employees shall be a prerogative of the board and in accord with appropriate state laws, policies and procedures.

The board shall employ certificated employees after receiving a recommendation from the superintendent. However, the superintendent shall have the authority to employ a certificated employee on a temporary basis until a recommendation can be made and action can be taken by the board on the position. The superintendent may recommend continued employment, reemployment, termination, or reassignment of replacement teachers (teachers who fill position for teachers who are on approved Extended Leave).

Approved: July 13, 1992
Revised: July 11, 2005