Policy 402.09

Credit Cards

The school district may maintain school district credit cards for actual and necessary expenses incurred by employees in the performance of their duties and/or for the purchase of fuel for district transportation vehicles.

Employees and officers using a school district credit card must submit purchase order prior to the use of the credit card except when the credit card is used for fuel. A detailed receipt indicating the date, purpose and nature of the expense for each claim item must be submitted each time a credit card is used. Failure to provide a proper receipt make the employee responsible for expenses incurred. In exceptional circumstances, the superintendent or board may allow a claim without proper receipt. Written documentation explaining the exceptional circumstances shall be maintained as part of the school district’s record of the claim.

The superintendent shall be responsible for developing administrative regulations regarding actual and necessary expenses and use of a school district credit card. The administrative regulations shall include the appropriate forms to be filed for obtaining and using a credit card.

Approved: April 11, 2005
Revised: September 11, 2017