Best Public Education District in Nebraska
Elkhorn Public Schools was recently named the “Best Public Education District in Nebraska” by Business Insider.  The list was determined based on the following factors: the strength of academics, health and safety, diversity, and the quality of teachers, with EPS earning A+ rankings in three of the four categories. For the full report, please visit

2018 Best School Districts in America
Of over 9,500 eligible districts, Elkhorn Public Schools was recently ranked number 311 and one of only two districts in Nebraska named to the “2018 Best School Districts in America” list, compiled by the National Council for Home Safety and Security.  Districts on the list were reviewed and ranked based on several factors, including school funding, poverty rate, drop out rate, and student performance.   For the full report, please visit

100th Percentile for Learning Growth
The New York Times recently reported results from a Stanford University study that looked at the amount of learning growth that is achieved by districts across the nation. Elkhorn Public Schools was scored at the 100th percentile, which is the top possible rating in the study. The review indicated that EPS students achieved 6.4 years of growth during 5 years of school.  For the full report, please visit