1st grade students at Blue Sage Elementary may not be fully established authors yet, but after their recent lessons about the writing process, they are well on their way!

To kick off their lessons, students learned about every stage of the writing process, from rough draft to published work, and discussed topics they were interested in writing stories about.  From there, they generated detailed ideas for their stories, and began rough drafts which were then peer reviewed by their classmates, revised, edited, and finally published in a final draft.  The publishing portion of the lessons included utilizing their artistic and writing skills as they made title, dedication, and About the Author pages, as well as designed a full-color cover.

Blue Sage 1st grade teachers have also learned a valuable lesson during this topic, it’s a highlight for their 1st graders because they get to see their own work go through the entire writing process.  Mrs. Mack, 1st grade teacher, states that “our students really look forward to this lesson as they get to use their amazing writing and creativity skills to make a published piece of work!”


A student showcases her artwork A student showcases his writing work A student works on a story