Being the oldest students in the school is one thing that 5th grade students across EPS look forward to as they climb the ranks of the elementary school grades.  For the class of 2028, that excitement wasn’t hindered as they kicked off their final year of elementary school in the midst of a pandemic.

5th graders at Westridge elementary were no exception, as they started the year with familiar faces, fun, and a few new protocols.  Students returned to school on August 18 to the familiar faces of friends and the 5th grade teaching team of Mrs. Lane, Mrs. McGregor, and Mrs. Zabrowski.  They also dove right into their favorite recess and activities of using the gaga ball pit at recess and working on writing skills.  A few new protocols for the class of 2028 involved wearing masks, sitting further apart from their friends in class and at lunch, and increased outdoor learning time for mask breaks.

All in all, students and staff are eager to take full advantage of the 2020-2021 school year, one set to be a great year for 5th graders as they embark on their final elementary adventures!