We now know that schools will be closed until at least April 30th, and we also know that this will create many challenges for families.  We would prefer to be greeting your children at our doors over the next few weeks but in the interests of community well-being, that will not be possible. Elkhorn Public Schools is committed to supporting families as we work together to continue learning experiences for students during this extended closure.

Over a very short time, district office staff, principals, and teachers have come together to develop a Temporary Distance Learning Plan (TDLP). Our official launch date will be Thursday, March 26th.  We know that many of our teachers have been anxious to connect with their students and you may have already received communications; however, due to the fact that we are still working to get Chromebooks to some families we will officially begin the TDLP on Thursday. Our goal is to have at least one district-issued device available per family. If you have not already received specific communication, teachers will reach out to you over the next couple of days with more information about the plan.

The purpose of the TDLP is to provide a meaningful continuation of learning for students during this extended closure. It will also provide structure and predictability during a time that will feel very uncertain for many students and adults. The plan includes a schedule for each grade level. Distance learning will be a combination of independent practice for students, along with times for live online interaction that will allow students to see and talk with their teachers and classmates in grades K-12.  For our earliest learners who are younger than five, teachers will be interacting with caregivers on a regular basis. In addition, special educators will reach out to families to provide ongoing support during this closure.

Independent practice will occur all five days of the week unless there is a scheduled vacation in the school calendar.  The live online learning experiences will take place Monday through Thursday each week. The plan involves a schedule that includes morning hours for elementary students and afternoon hours for middle school and high school students.  Staggering these schedules allows for older students to share their district-issued device with younger students should this be needed.

A site has been created and linked below to provide you with details for the district plan, along with other resources. Please review the plan as we prepare for a Thursday launch.
Temporary Distance Learning Plan Parent Resources

Pg. 3 Introduction
Pgs. 3-6 School Roles and Responsibilities
Pg. 7 Student Roles and Responsibilities
Pg. 7 Parent Roles and Responsibilities
Pg. 8 General Guidelines
Pg. 9 Preschool
Pg. 10 Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades
Pg. 11 Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades
Pg. 12 Middle School
Pg. 13 High School

Again, it is understood that the current situation creates many challenges and hardships for all families.  As a school district, we count ourselves as very fortunate for the strength of our community and the dedication of our families. We will get through this together even if we have to do it at a distance.

Thank you for your ongoing support.