Policy 902.05

Facility Design Procedures

The primary guiding principle in school facility design must be the educational program to be served. The superintendent shall be responsible for developing and maintaining general educational specifications that reflect educational program needs. The general procedure for facility design shall be as follows:

1. Preliminary Drawings. The Architect/Engineer shall prepare line drawings based on the education specifications for a specific facility including site plan with building location; floor plans to illustrate general room locations and overall dimensions; exterior elevations, and total area of the building at this state with a cost estimate for construction. Board approval of the preliminary drawings shall be necessary to proceed to the second phase, working drawings.

2. Working Drawings and Specifications. The Architect/Engineer shall prepare working drawings, specifications and cost estimates based on the preliminary drawings according to generally accepted architectural requirements.

3. Detailed Drawings and Contract Documents. The Architect/Engineer in coordination with the Superintendent shall prepare detailed construction documents and specifications that will enable the project to be bid on the open market. The Board shall approve detailed drawings and specifications prior to the bidding process.

Approved: January 13, 1997
Revised: September 11, 2006