Policy 607.06

Student Field Trips, Extended Co-curricular Trips

Educational field trips may be considered a part of the curriculum when such events contribute to the achievement of education goals of the school district. Field trips normally will be conducted within the school day and transportation will be provided by the school district only for trips that are curriculum related.  Athletic and activity participation including field trips out of State, but not involving overnight stay, must receive prior approval of the Superintendent and are generally restricted to the Metro area.

The District will not fund competitive or participatory activities for students beyond the level of State competition.  When approval is granted for an extended field trip involving competition or participation beyond the State level, the participating organization must cover the total cost including transportation, room and board, reimbursement to the District for the cost of a substitute teacher and all additional expenses of the District’s sponsor(s) deemed appropriate by the superintendent.  While the superintendent has the authority to approve waiving some of the expenses associated with the District’s sponsor(s) when it creates a hardship to the participating student(s), all organizations should anticipate paying the sponsor(s) expenses so as not to create a financial obligation for the District.   All fundraising activities must be consistent with provisions set forth in Policy 1006.10.

In order to avoid unexpected financial burden to families and reduced participation by students, there must be sufficient advanced notification of planned participation by an organization beyond the State level.  Consideration of the request may be denied if sufficient notice is not provided as determined by the principal and/or Activities Director.

Out of State extended field trips and all co-curricular club and organization trips must be planned well in advance and receive prior written permission of the principal and Activities Director. A district application form must be completed and submitted for all extended field trips. In authorizing extended field trips, the principal and Activities Director shall consider:

  1. The educational benefits of the activity;
  2. The potential or actual loss of instructional time;
  3. The overall financial plan including the costs and who will bear the costs, how the funds will be raised and what plan the organization has to assist with the expenses for students that may not be able to pay the entire expense of the trip;
  4.  The frequency of the organization’s request for extended travel;
  5. The overall supervision plan for the extended travel.
  6. The inherent risks or dangers of the activity and other relevant factors.

The superintendent shall inform the Board of all approved extended field trips.  On all extended field trips involving athletics and activity competitions (FBLA, forensics, PowerDrive, etc.) an identified competition season (defining and limiting competitions) shall be on file with and approved by the Activities Director and Principal prior to the submittal of any application for an extended field trip.

On all field trips and extended field trips only Elkhorn students may participate and the discipline code, rules and regulations of the school district shall be in effect from the departure until return. Written parent permission is required for all field trips and extended field trips.

Participating organizations generally may be categorized into three classifications.  (1) Small competitive groups  (2) Large competitive groups  (3)  All non competitive groups.

Small competitive groups with fewer than ten (10) participating students requesting travel that will result in the loss of instructional time may apply for the extended field trip within five school days following the point of qualification for a regional or national competition.

Large competitive groups with ten  (10) or more participating students requesting travel that will result in the loss of instructional time must have won a State, regional or predetermined contest during the school year of the requested extended travel.

The sponsor of large organizations must file an Extended Field Trip Request Form A (Policy 607.06) with the building principal prior to the first day of the school year in which travel is requested, or not less than six months prior to the first date of the anticipated travel.  Consideration of the request may be denied if Form A is not completed and submitted within this timeframe.

Travel by organizations with more than ten (10) participating students to regional or national competitions may not occur in consecutive school years.


For out of state field trips the sponsor(s) must file an Extended Field Trip Request Form A (Policy 607.06) with the building principal in accordance with the time requirements as indicated (at least sixty (60) calendar days in advance of the trip and before the trip can be offered to students).

Approved: November 10, 1992
Revised: December 9, 1996
Revised: November 15, 2005
Revised: August 14, 2006,
Revised: June 4, 2013