Policy 507.15 – Seizure Safe Schools

Each school building will have a “seizure action plan” if the following criteria are met: (1) at least one student in that building has been identified as having a seizure disorder; and (2) that student’s parent or guardian and health care provider have worked with the school to develop a seizure action plan.

Every building with a seizure action plan will have at least one employee who has met the training requirements necessary to administer or assist with the self-administration of a seizure rescue medication or medication prescribed to treat seizure disorder symptoms.

In accordance with state law, except in the case of an emergency, prior to the administration of a seizure rescue medication or medication prescribed to treat seizure disorder symptoms by a school employee, a student’s parent or guardian must:

1. Provide the school with a written authorization to administer the medication at school;

2. Provide a written statement from the student’s health care practitioner containing the following information:

a. The student’s name;
b. The name and purpose of the medication;
c. The prescribed dosage;
d. The route of administration;
e. The frequency that the medication may be administered; and
f. The circumstances under which the medication may be administered.

3. Provide the medication to the school in its unopened, sealed package with the intact label affixed by the dispensing pharmacy; and

4. Collaborate with school employees to create a seizure action plan.

If permitted by the student’s seizure action plan, a student shall be allowed to possess the supplies, equipment, and medication necessary to treat a seizure disorder in accordance with such seizure action plan.

Any authorization provided by a parent or guardian shall be effective only for the school year in which it is provided and shall be renewed each following school year.

Legal Reference: Neb. Statute 79-3201 to 3207

Adopted: August 14, 2023