Policy 507.07

Asthma Protocol

The Board recognizes that from time to time emergencies may arise that justify the use of an emergency response to life threatening asthma or systemic allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). To this end the Board adopts the Emergency Response to Life Threatening Asthma or Systemic Allergic Reactions (Anaphylaxis) Protocol (NDE Rule 59) and directs the Superintendent to establish procedures and rules to implement the protocol.

The parent or guardian of a student may sign a waiver (attached) requesting that their student not receive emergency treatment under this protocol. Information about the protocol and waivers shall be provided to parents in the student handbook.

Legal Reference:
Rule 59 – NDE 2993

Proposed: November 3, 2003
Adopted: January 12, 2004
Revised: July 12, 2004
Revised: April 10, 2006