Policy 504.10

Student Fees

The District authorizes the administration to charge fees to students only as provided by state statute.

The District’s general policy is to provide for the free instruction in school in accordance with the Nebraska Constitution. The District will provide free instruction for courses which are required by state law or regulation and will provide the staff, facility, equipment and materials necessary for such instruction, without charge or fee to the students.

The District realizes some activities may require additional expenditures that are properly to be borne by students as separate charges. Such charges may be waived as specified below depending upon the student’s eligibility for the free and reduced-price lunch program. No fees, specialized or non-specialized attire or equipment may be required of students outside this policy.

For the purposes of this policy, the following definitions shall apply:

1. Extracurricular activities means student activities or organizations which are supervised or administered by the school district, which do not count toward graduation or advancement between grades, and in which participation is not otherwise required by the school district;
2. Post secondary education costs means tuition and other fees associated with obtaining credit from a post secondary education institution.

The District may charge student fees or require students to provide specialized equipment or attire in the following areas:

1. Participation in extracurricular activities including extracurricular music courses;
2. Administration fees and transportation charges for spectators attending extracurricular activities;
3. Post secondary education costs, limited to tuition and fees associated with obtaining credits from the post secondary institution;
4. Transportation fees as allowed by state statute;
5. Copies of student files or records as allowed by state statute;
6. Reimbursement to the district for property lost or damaged by the student;
7. Before-and-after school or prekindergarten services in accordance with state statutes;
8. Summer school or night school; and
9. Breakfast and lunch programs.

The District will provide fee waivers in accordance with state statute. Students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunches under the United States Department of Agriculture child nutrition programs shall be provided a fee waiver or be provided the necessary materials or equipment without charge for: (1) participation in extracurricular activities, (2) materials for course projects if project uses non-standard materials and if the student wants to keep the project, and (3) use of a musical instrument in optional music courses that are not extracurricular activities. Participation in a free or reduced-price lunch program is not required to qualify for the fee waiver.

Guidelines about fees, required materials and equipment shall be delineated in rule and regulation. The Superintendent shall develop an application form for the fee waiver and the form shall also be delineated in rule and regulation.

The Superintendent/designee shall establish a Student Fee Fund and insure that funds collected as fees for the following purposes are properly recorded and deposited to it:

1. Participation in extracurricular activities;
2. Post secondary education costs; and
3. Summer school or night school.

This policy will be reviewed and readopted annually at the January Board meeting. The review shall include a report on the amount of money collected under this policy and the use of waivers as provided by this policy. This policy shall be published in the student handbook provided at no cost to each student.

Legal References:
Laws 2002, LB 1172 (The Public Elementary and Secondary Student Fee
Authorization Act) Neb. Constitution, Article VII, Section I.

Adopted: June 10, 2002
Revised: July 12, 2004
Revised: April 10, 2006