Policy 504.08

Questioning of Students by Outside Agencies

In dealing with law enforcement officials, Elkhorn Public Schools’ employees are not to obstruct government operations or unreasonably refuse or fail to aid a peace officer, but are also to attempt to prevent undue interference with district operations or educational programming.

Requests from law enforcement officers and from persons other than parents, school district officials, and employees to interview students shall be made through the principal’s office. Upon receiving a request, it shall be the responsibility of the principal to determine whether the request will be granted. Generally, the principal shall promptly attempt to contact the parents to inform them of the request.

If a child abuse investigator wishes to interview a student, the principal will defer to the investigator’s judgment as to whether the student should be interviewed independently from the student’s parents, whether the school is the most appropriate setting for the interview, and who will be present during the interview.

Students will not be taken from school without the consent of the principal and without proper warrant when applicable.

Legal Reference:
Neb. Statute 79-294
Approved: April 10, 2006
Revised: January 19, 2019