Policy 503.01

Compulsory Attendance and Discontinuance of Enrollment

Any child who is a resident of the school district and who is between the ages 7 (as of January 1 of the then-current school year) and 18 years must by law regularly attend a public, private, parochial, home school or a combination of such schools not less than the entire school term of the school(s), unless a child who has obtained a high school diploma by meeting statutory graduation requirements; has completed the program of instruction offered by a school which elects pursuant to law not to meet accreditation or approval requirements; or has reached the age of 16 years and has been withdrawn from school in the manner prescribed by law (see Policy 502.08).

The parent/guardian of any child younger than seven years of age who is enrolled may discontinue that enrollment according to procedures provided by the district.

Unless otherwise approved by the Board, no person will be allowed to attend high school who has a high school diploma, except in adult education classes.

Legal Reference:
Neb. Statute 79-201 et seq.

Cross Reference:
502 Student Admissions
503.02 Student Attendance

Approved: October 11, 1999
Revised: July 12, 2004
Revised: April 10, 2006
Revised:  August 11, 2014
Revised:  May 8, 2023