Policy 502.09

Foreign Exchange Students

Foreign exchange students may be allowed to enroll in the district contingent upon approval of the board. Foreign exchange students must reside in the district and within the attendance boundary of the placement.

The Elkhorn School District will support up to two students to attend each high school. Exchange students will not be placed at a school that is projected to exceed architectural enrollment capacity or staffing levels in the school year of the placement.  The Superintendent or designee may add one additional placement to each high school projected enrollment below architectural capacity or staffing levels.  No district funds beyond regular classroom instruction will be expended on foreign exchange students. If practicable, placement of more than one student of a particular nationality in the same high school will be avoided. Foreign exchange students will be enrolled in 10th grade but can take any class deemed appropriate by the guidance counselor and principal. The Elkhorn Public Schools will not provide English Language Learner instruction to foreign exchange students. Foreign exchange students are subject to all district policies and rules.

Complete application portfolios will be accepted on a first come first served basis in the Office of Student Services beginning on the first day of school of the preceding school year of attendance. All application portfolios must include the following:
-Student demographic information to include a Birth Certificate or Passport.
-Student Health Information to include immunization records. All foreign exchange students must meet the minimum immunization requirements for the State of Nebraska.
-Host family application and information to include address and length of stay.
-Documentation of financial support and assurance that the student is covered by health insurance.
-A complete transcript and brief explanation of the transcript.
-The name and contact information of the local exchange program liaison
-Students must demonstrate sufficient verbal and written English language skills to have a reasonable expectation of academic success in the general education program. An informal interview or a formal language assessment may be required to determine the student’s command of the English language prior to approval being granted for enrollment.

No foreign exchange student will be enrolled in the district until the foreign exchange student has provided the district with all records and information requested by the district. Foreign exchange students must also comply with any health requirements imposed by state or other governing law. To be accepted by the district, enrollment of foreign exchange students must be made prior to the start of the school year; no acceptance of foreign exchange students will be made during the school year. Upon acceptance, the host family must contact the assigned high school to complete additional enrollment and scheduling processes. The Elkhorn Public Schools is not responsible for finding host families for foreign exchange students.

International educational travel programs shall provide evidence that they comply with the appropriate governmental regulations in both the sending and receiving countries involved in any exchange or other activity under their auspices. International educational travel programs shall clearly be designed to serve educational purposes. Their structure and administration must ensure pursuit of appropriate learning objectives. International educational travel programs shall accurately and fairly represent their activities and sponsorship in advertising and other promotional materials.

Approved: September 14, 1992
Revised: September 12, 1996
Revised: April 10, 2006
Revised: April, 2018
Revised: April 8, 2024