Policy 409.02

Certificated Employee Mentors

The building principal or immediate supervisor will assign a mentoring teacher to every probationary teacher upon entrance of the probationary teacher into the district. The mentoring teacher, insofar as possible, will be a tenured teacher with a minimum of three (3) years’ teaching experience in the district and will be engaged in teaching within the same grade, building or discipline as the probationary teacher.

The mentoring teacher will assist the probationary teacher in acclimating to the teaching profession and the district. The mentor’s role is to assist the new teacher by being available to answer questions, explain the courses of study, instructional materials, building procedures, availability of resources and district policies.

Cross Reference:
402.02 Employee Orientation and Mentor Programs

Legal Reference:
79-758, 761

Approved: July 13, 1992
Revised: September 9, 1999
Revised: February 13, 2006