PowerSchool—the app PowerSchool is portable! The PowerSchool for Parents app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Parents can easily view each child’s progress in a single feed to check grades, review assignments and more. After downloading the app, enter 68022 for the zip code and choose search. Select Elkhorn Public Schools and then log in using your PowerSchool parent access login. This app is only available for parents of students in grades 4-12.

Lingo to Know—What’s a hash tag? Most people can identify a hashtag by the # symbol that proceeds it—but what’s it really for? Hashtags are short links on social media sites, such as twitter, that group like content. By putting the pound symbol before a word or group of words, that topic can now be searched and grouped with thoughts, comments and information on the same topic.

An Educational App—NASA The NASA App features a collection of the latest NASA content, including images, videos on-demand, NASA Television, mission information, news & feature stories, latest tweets, ISS sighting opportunities, satellite tracking and more. The NASA app is available for free on both Apple and Android devices.

Elkhorn Public Schools Policy 507.13—Internet Safety Policy was written in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act. Tech Savvy Parent tips are intended to inform and educate parents of technology that may be available to their students. Tips may feature apps that are educational as well as those that may be a cause for concern to parents.