Scholarships available for ESHS students are maintained on Naviance. This site allows students to access application forms directly through a website or downloading a form. Seniors are encouraged to check the website weekly.

Scholarship Tips:

•The first place to check for scholarships is the colleges where applications are sent. Check to see if a separate scholarship application is needed.

•Scholarships are given for a variety of reasons–grades, test scores, talents, athletics, need, leadership–and are very competitive. Students should take great care in meeting deadlines, proofreading for accuracy, and following all directions.

•Many good students graduating from high school may not receive a scholarship. However, once in college, students should continue to search for scholarships at their college.

Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation
Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation is a wonderful source of scholarships for Elkhorn South High School students. Scholarships are offered in the spring each year. Students can access Foundation scholarships on Naviance or directly from the Elkhorn Foundation website.