Summer School

In some cases, it would be in a student’s best interest to attend summer school in order to stay on track for graduation. There are several options for credit recovery. The student must get approval from the counseling center before taking a class in order for the credit to be accepted. Contact your student’s counselor to discuss options.

Please Note: Elkhorn Public Schools Summer School for credit recovery will be recorded as a P (Pass) on the student’s transcript. This does not replace the original grade earned in the course. The original grade earned will still be the grade that is calculated in the student’s GPA. Upon completion of the class, the student will earn a credit towards graduation.

Students may also choose to take summer school classes for advanced placement. Advanced programs and college courses are rigorous and viewed as enrichment for the following school year, however, credit would NOT transfer back to ESHS to use towards graduation.  Contact your student’s counselor to discuss an interest in advanced summer classes.