MISSION: Elkhorn Middle School is committed to providing a safe, respectful, and responsible environment for developing young adolescents into lifelong learners through educational excellence.


EMS SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT GOAL: All students will improve literacy skills, with an emphasis on reading comprehension, across all curricular areas.


Elkhorn Middle School is committed to providing our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to experience success in high school and beyond. We understand the importance of the middle-grade years in which students develop a drive for academic success, discover their passions and begin to clarify a vision for their future.


Academic programming at EMS consists of a solid core curriculum in reading, math, science, history and language arts. We maintain high expectations in these areas and continually support our students to meet these expectations. Consistent progress monitoring and systems of interventions are in place to meet the individual needs of each student. To complement the core curriculum, student schedules include a broad range of exploratory classes including world languages, vocal music, instrumental music, art, computer applications, family consumer science, industrial technology and speech and drama. Students are provided multiple opportunities to experience these courses on a rotating or elective basis. In addition to rigorous coursework, Elkhorn Middle School offers a full range of activities and athletics through which students learn the values of persistence, hard work, and contributing to a team; all characteristics that enhance academic achievement.


The culture of EMS is one of reflection and continuous improvement. Through best practice study and high-quality teaching strategies, staff members strive for ever-increasing effectiveness. Instructional decisions are grounded in the analysis of achievement data and meaningful student-teacher relationships. All students at Elkhorn Middle School deserve the best we have to offer.


We hope you find the information contained in this site accessible, relevant and informative. Any questions or comments are welcomed; please contact the office at 402-289-2428.


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