Financial Aid

Financial Aid tools are available on EducationQuest Website.

The following tools are available in the Completing the FAFSA section:

“Guide to College Funding” Video – This video uses a typical family to explain the financial aid process, the types of financial aid, and when to apply. We recently updated the video to reflect changes to the lastest FAFSA.

FAFSA Tutorial – The updated tutorial provides user-friendly clarification of each FAFSA question. Since it opens in a separate window, families can easily access the tutorial while completing the FAFSA.

College Funding Estimator – Families can use this tool to estimate their FAFSA results. A new feature links each Estimator question to the corresponding explanation on the FAFSA Tutorial.

 FAFSA Checklist – updated for the latest FAFSA, this resource helps a student determine his or her dependency status and then provides a list of required documents for the FAFSA.

Free Federal Publications are also available at This includes:  FAFSA, FAFSA on the WEB Worksheet, and “Funding Education Beyond High School:  The Guide to Federal Student Aid.”