EHS Mission Statement
The mission of Elkhorn High School is to enable all students to learn at their full potential in order to function responsibly in a changing society.


School Improvement Goal:
All students will improve Reading Comprehension across all curricular areas.



Welcome to Elkhorn High School

Elkhorn High School proudly serves the community of Elkhorn by providing its students with a rigorous curriculum, quality instruction, opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, and a meaningful educational experience that has limitless potential.  Elkhorn High School has gained a reputation for its strong academic presence within the metropolitan area and state.  The Elkhorn High School staff expects that our standardized test scores exceed the state and national averages while over 80 percent of our graduates enroll in post-secondary education. We strive to graduate students who are prepared to compete with college admissions and career fields from across the nation and around the world.


The mission of Elkhorn High School is to enable all students to learn at their full potential in order to function responsibly in a changing society.  Elkhorn High School’s dedicated and professional staff delivers effective instructional strategies to empower our students to build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, which will assist them throughout their lives. We believe in fostering excellence in our academic opportunities, nurturing intellectual curiosity, and supporting positive and meaningful relationships. We consistently strive towards academic excellence by promoting the creative and analytical exchange of ideas in an environment with high expectations and mutual trust.


Our students also work to succeed in our various co-curricular activities. The co-curricular programs foster sportsmanship, life skills and character development.  Extracurricular activities help connect our students to our school culture, which supports our primary focus of student learning and academic achievement for all students.


As you may know, Elkhorn High School has recently undergone a split of its student body with Elkhorn North High School. Despite all of these changes, our core values of academic expectations and investment in the student body have not changed. Elkhorn High School continues to strive to be a source of pride for our community and our alumni. I sincerely hope this page will provide the reader with relevant information pertaining to our school.  Opportunities continue to expand at Elkhorn High School.  If you would like to know more about the opportunities available at our school, please write or call the high school administrative office.




Mark Schroeder

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