ESHS Mission Statement:

The mission of Elkhorn South High School is to create an atmosphere of academic rigor that will prepare all students to become life-long learners, enabling them to function responsibly in our global society.


ESHS School Improvement Goal

All students will improve Reading Comprehension across all curricular areas.



Welcome to Elkhorn South High School


Elkhorn South High School serves the Elkhorn community collaboratively with Elkhorn High School. Elkhorn South strives to establish a school with strong academics and extra-curricular activities. Our professional staff promotes rigorous college preparatory curriculum and pursues excellence in instructional practices and assessments. Our focus of continuous improvement of our educational process empowers staff to reflectively analyze student achievement data and current practices in order to maximize our effectiveness.


We believe in the power of relationships with students, parents and meaningful stakeholders in the learning process and work to ensure that all individual student needs are being met in the classroom. We strive to challenge students academically by providing rigorous coursework, yet promote an atmosphere that focuses on the learning process and instilling a love of learning. The Elkhorn South High School staff expects that our standardized test scores exceed the state and national averages. We strive to graduate students who are prepared to compete for college admissions and careers worldwide.


Elkhorn South High School is a core-focused school that offers 13 AP classes for students starting Sophomore year. Curriculum in all classes value critical reading, writing, and math skills that are transferable to college success and success in general. Traditionally 95% of our graduates continue to higher education (85% to four-year institutions and 10% to two-year schools). Likewise, 95% of graduating seniors take the ACT. Elkhorn South consistently scores well above state and national averages on the exam. Our five year ACT trend shows our commitment to continuous improvement which validates our school’s vision of offering rigorous college-prep coursework for all students: 2012- 23.7, 2013-23.9, 2014-25.2, 2015-25.3, 2016- 25.6. Our students consistently outperform the state and national averages for the ACT Benchmark scores. For the graduation Class of 2016, 57% of students met all four of the benchmarks, highlighted by 93% of students meeting the benchmark for English Composition.


Further, we believe the AP curriculum is an excellent indicator of college readiness and encourage students take rigorous coursework consistently. For example, for the graduating class of 2016, 90% of students were enrolled in at least one AP class, while this year 74% of Juniors are enrolled in one and 45% are enrolled in two or more AP classes. AP enrollment is open to any student willing to take on the challenge of a college level class. During the 2015-16 School Year, 87% of AP tests taken at Elkhorn South were deemed college ready by earning a score of 3 or higher. It is worth noting that 73% of students enrolled in AP Classes take the AP Exam for the course.


Elkhorn South offers a full complement of co-curricular and extra-curricular offerings for students. This list includes, but is not limited to: Robotics, Debate, Mock Trial, 12 Varsity Athletic Teams, Marching Band, Show Choir, Theatre, FCCLA, and DECA. Take a look at a full list of activities and athletics. 80+% of ESHS Students are involved in at least one student activity. We believe that activities strongly support our primary mission of student achievement as students gain critical life management skills through their activity involvement. Elkhorn South partners with Omaha area businesses and the Omaha Exploring Program to help all students envision future career goals while simultaneously maintaining a clear focus on academic skills. This program allows students to observe, job shadow and intern in a variety of career fields to gain valuable insight into what it takes to work in a particular job.


Elkhorn South fosters a culture of high expectations for all students by eliminating non-college leading courses. For example, the lowest level of math offered is Algebra I, meaning all students enter freshman year enrolled in Algebra I as the minimum. Additional time during the day is built in for struggling learners to help them achieve in a college prep math class. By doing this, ESHS juniors are taking Algebra II, and are thus ready for the math they will encounter on the ACT. The same is true for our English curriculum. All students enroll in either English 9 or Honors English 9; both are college prep courses and will prepare students for the English and Reading sections of the ACT.


Please contact me at 402-289-0616 or mkalvoda@epsne.org for more information about Elkhorn South High School.




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