It’s a real mystery as to what happened to Harris Burdick and why he didn’t return to provide the rest of the story to accompany his pictures, but 5th grade students in Mrs. Lane’s class are thoroughly enjoying having the opportunity to finish the literary work on their own.

As part of their focus on the six traits of writing, students are working on a creative writing project that allows them to choose one of the story’s pages, which includes only a photo and a single sentence.  After that choice is made, fifth graders then use their skills and imaginations to create a fun and whimsical story.  This engaging activity allows students to hone their knowledge on the six traits of writing, practice their story telling skills, and use sensory details.

Mrs. Lane, one of the Woodbrook Elementary 5th grade teachers, explains the project by stating that “students simply love it because they get to be as creative as they would like to be! There are really no rules, other than they must use the photo, the sentence, and the six traits of writing!” It’s truly a 5th grade favorite and one that has students asking to keep working, even in their free time!