Mission: to develop a strong family bond by fostering positive, meaningful relationships with each other. We will use our strong relationships to establish a safe learning environment with high expectations where the staff, students and parents work together to create a respectful and responsible community.  We will ignite a passion for continuous improvement with a growth mindset to be confident learners today, tomorrow and into the future.


It is with great pleasure and pride that I welcome you to Woodbrook Elementary, a K-5 school serving the northern, central quadrant of the Elkhorn Public Schools district.

Woodbrook’s staff consists of fabulous, veteran teachers from across the district devoted to inspiring a love of learning, developing a strong “family” bond, and empowering students to reach high levels of learning. We believe that through ongoing collaboration and professional development as part of the school improvement process, the staff is best equipped to support our students to reach their highest potential.

We are also dedicated to developing strong parent/school relationships. We know how vital a supportive community is to the success of each and every student. We welcome parent involvement and look forward to getting to know our wonderful students, parents and community members.

Please feel free to call or email me at any time at 402-289-1823 or pwahl@epsne.org.

Pam Wahl, Principal
Woodbrook Elementary
Elkhorn Public Schools