As early childhood educators, we believe in the power of high-quality learning experiences. The EPS Preschool program is dedicated to cultivating a community of families and teachers working together to provide a safe, positive, and developmentally appropriate environment.

The preschool population is made up of children ages 3-5 with an identified disability (in accordance with NDE Rule 51), children who are at-risk in their learning, and children who are typically developing.  To determine eligibility, all students (with the exception of those who are currently receiving special education services) must be assessed through our screening process.  This process is a way to learn about a child’s development and skill levels to determine eligibility as a child at risk in their learning or a child who is typically developing.

Students who are identified as typically developing will serve as peer models and will fill a limited number of parent-pay placements each school year.  Monthly tuition of $175 is required for a child who is identified as typically developing to serve as a peer model.

The preschool program runs Monday through Thursday with both a morning session (8:20-11:30) and an afternoon session. (12:20-3:30) offered.