As early childhood educators, we believe in the power of high-quality learning experiences. The Elkhorn Early Education Program is dedicated to cultivating a community of families and teachers working together to provide a safe, positive, and developmentally appropriate environment. When we talk about developmentally appropriate practice we are referring to:

Understanding individual children and their needs and enabling them to reach goals that are both challenging and

Teaching practices that are appropriate to child’s age and developmental status.

Ensuring that goals and experiences are suited to children’s learning and development and challenging enough to
promote their growth and interest.

Knowledge –not assumptions- of how children learn and develop. Research-based principles, along with evidence about curriculum and teaching effectiveness, form a solid basis for decision making in our early childhood programs. An effective, developmentally appropriate curriculum is based on what is known about the interrelationships and sequences of ideas so that children’s later abilities and understandings can be built on those already acquired.

The early childhood classroom provides an optimal balance of adult-guided and child-guided experiences in the classroom. Adult-guided experiences are based on curriculum goals and student data. The experiences in the preschool classroom are shaped by children’s active engagement and children’s interests and actions with strategic teacher support. Whether adult-guided or child-guided, in developmentally appropriate practice it is the teacher who takes responsibility for stimulating, directing and supporting children’s development and learning by providing the experiences that each child needs.

The Elkhorn Public Schools preschool population is made up of children with a disability (in accordance with NDE Rule 51), children who are at-risk in their learning, and children who are typically developing who live within the boundaries of the Elkhorn Public Schools District. All children who are not receiving special education services must either be identified through our screening process as at risk for learning or complete a parent pay application.

The preschool program is Monday through Thursday, with a morning session (8:20-11:30) or an afternoon session. (12:20-3:30). Preschool is offered at the following elementary buildings: Arbor View, Blue Sage, West Bay,  and West Dodge Station.

Where are the Early Education Centers Located?

  • Arbor View Early Education Center
    5115 N 208th Street
    Elkhorn, NE 68022
  • Blue Sage Early Education Center
    3600 S. 215th Street
    Elkhorn, NE 68022
  • West Bay Early Education Center 
    3220 S. 188th Avenue
    Omaha, NE 68130
  • West Dodge Station Early Education Center
    18480 California Street
    Elkhorn, NE 68022