Our Mission

The Elkhorn Public Schools unites students, families, educators, and the community to ensure a challenging and enriching academic environment that inspires students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

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Mental Health Resource Reminders

Elkhorn Public Schools understands the importance of prioritizing mental health for our students.  In an effort to raise awareness of available mental health resources and create avenues for parents to open or continue a dialogue with their child, EPS has provided the...

West Bay 2nd Grade Students Explore Rocks

In second grade science, Mrs. Oligmueller’s students spend one unit learning about pebbles, sand and silt.  It’s during this lesson that students have the opportunity to work with table partners to discover and discuss what properties and identifying characteristics...

About EPS

Elkhorn Public Schools is a rapidly growing suburban school district located on the west edge of the Omaha Metro area. Our enrollment continues to climb by more than six percent each year, and we continue to add facilities to accommodate our growing student population. The District offers the cultural, educational and retail advantage of the city, while still maintaining the qualities of a smaller community. We pride ourselves on the achievement of our students and the dedication of our staff.