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For more than 400 years people have reported finding footprints of an astonishingly large human in the western United States and throughout the world. Real or hoax? You decide.

The Bigfoot Field Research Organization

Ten Facts About Bigfoot

The Evidence for Bigfoot


Does Bigfoot Exist?

loch nessThis alleged sea animal, identified neither as to a family or species, purportedly inhabits Scotland’s Loch Ness. Is there such a sea monster in existence?


The Loch Ness Monster

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Nessie Caught on Tape?

RoswellIt’s 1947, and outside Roswell, New Mexico, something falls from the sky. Witnesses report finding some kind of craft and four bodies. Then the military arrives, and no one is quite sure what happens after that. What do you think?

Roswell Info

CIA Declassifies Area 51

Area 51 ExhibitThe Roswell Files


The Truth About Roswell


If we study the history of the sightings related to UFO, we would come across many things that indicate a whole world of unknown truths. Still, nothing can be said for certain. Can you distinguish between fact and fiction?

Unidentified Flying Object

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The Truth Behind UFOs?

Do Aliens Really Exist?





In about 360 B.C. the Greek philosopher Plato wrote about the city of Atlantis and its destruction. People thought it was just a nice story until the 1800s, when a scholar announced that the city might actually have existed. People have been trying to find it ever since. Was Atlantis real or not?

History – The Lost City of Atlantis

NBC News

The Lost Continent

Did Atlantis Really Exist?

The Truth Behind Atlantis?

Builders of the pyramid

Pyramids were meant to be monuments to the pharaoh’s greatness, filled with great treasures for the afterlife. To construct these massive shrines, the pharaoh’s copied the oldest and largest pyramid of all, the Great Pyramid of Giza. But the Great Pyramid itself contains no pharaoh’s body, no treasure chamber, and no treasures. Who, then, designed it and built it? What was its purpose?

Secrets of the Ancient World

The Slaves Didn’t Build the Pyramids

25 Facts about the Pyramids


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bermuda triangle

In the Atlantic Ocean, bounded by the island of Bermuda; Miami, Florida; and San Juan, Puerto Rico, is an area where planes and ships have been known to disappear without warning. The U. S. military insists it’s all coincidence. But what do YOU think?



Science Kids

What happened to Flight 19?

King Tut's curse


For years, the boy-king Tutankhamun has been an object of fascination worldwide–not only for his mysterious death… but the even stranger deaths of those who came to discover his tomb.

The Curse of the Mummy

Ancient Egypt for Kids

How Stuff Works

Fact or Fiction?


Egyptian Mummies


More than four centuries ago, English colonists hoped to carve out a new life in the wild and strange land of North America. One group of colonists gave up and returned to England. A second colony, in what is now North Carolina, vanished in the 1580s and became immortalized in history as the “Lost Colony.”


Fox News

The Lost Colony

Discovering the Lost Colony

Mary Celeste

Can you solve the mystery of the Mary Celeste? Unravel the strange story of the brigantine ship, the Mary Celeste,  which was found mid – ocean abandoned ..a great mystery begins…

The True Story of the Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste

Fact Not Fiction?

Solved: The Mystery of the Mary Celeste