Elkhorn Public Schools is proud to sponsor the Partners in Education Mentoring Program, a cooperative effort of educators and community volunteers designed with an academic focus to provide on-going support for student success.  Adults from the community are paired with students who are struggling academically, socially or emotionally.  Mentors meet with their mentee weekly for 30 to 60 minutes.  Meetings are academic in nature and take place on school grounds.

The program has a slightly different format at each level. At the elementary level, the program can take place before, after or during school. Adult mentors are paired with elementary students who are struggling in one or more subject areas.

The middle school program is more individualized and usually takes place during a student’s study hall.

High school students who request a mentor work with their mentors during non-instructional time, including study halls, before school, or after school. Like the middle school format, the needs of the high school mentees are addressed on an individualized basis.

Elkhorn Public School’s Partners in Education Mentoring Program is seeking adult volunteers from our community to mentor students in grades K-12. Mentors are asked to volunteer for at least 30 minutes each week for the entire school year, and may indicate preferred grade levels and times. Orientation will be provided and each building has a facilitator available to answer questions.  For more information call (402) 289-2579.

You can be the difference in a student’s life!

Elkhorn Public Schools Partners in Education Mentoring Program


Partners in Education
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