Policy 902.11

Change Orders: Justification

The District may make changes in the scope of the work required to be performed by the contractor by making additions or omissions without invalidating the contract, without relieving or releasing the contractors from any obligations under the contract or any guarantee pursuant to the contract provisions, without affecting the validity of the guaranty bonds, and without relieving or releasing the surety or sureties of the bonds. All such work shall be executed under the terms of the original contract unless expressly provided otherwise.

If applicable unit prices are not contained in the agreement, the Architect/Engineer shall, before ordering the contractor to proceed with desired changes, request an itemized proposal covering the work involved in the change after which the procedure shall be as follows:

1. If the proposal is acceptable to the administration, the Architect/Engineer shall prepare the change order for acceptance by the contractor.

2. Each change order shall include in its final form:

a. A detailed description of the change in the work
b. The contractor’s proposal (if any) or a confirmed copy
c. A definite statement as to the resulting change in the contract price and/or time
d. The statement that all work involved in the change shall be performed in accordance with contract requirements except as modified by the change order

3. No extra work shall be done nor any obligation incurred for payment except upon a written order approved by the administration. Such order shall state the cost of such extra work.

4. All change orders shall be reported to the Board and are subject to statutory bid requirements.

Approved: February 10, 1992
Revised: January 13, 1997
Revised: September 11, 2006