Policy 706.06

Payments for Goods, Services and Settlements

The Board will authorize payment for goods and services:

  1.  Contracted for within budgetary limits.
  2. Purchased according to relevant purchasing policies and regulations.
  3. Certified by the Superintendent as having been received as ordered and in acceptable condition.
  4. Claims may be authorized for payment by the Superintendent, provided these are reported and approved by the Board at the next regular meeting.
  5. All other claims paid from District funds shall be approved by the Board prior to payment and shall be listed in the official minutes of the Board, which will be published within ten days of the meeting in a newspaper of general circulation in the District.


A system of fiscal control shall be established to govern the administration of the budget and the expenditure of funds.

The Superintendent shall set up and operate budget controls for all buildings and departments expenditures and shall administer the budget in conformity with the legal requirements and the actions of the Board.

The Superintendent shall check the legality of all expenditures and ascertain that all expenditures recommended for approval are legal expenditures.

All checks drawn on District funds shall be signed by the president and the treasurer or stamped with an authorized signature plate when generated by computer.  The secretary is authorized to sign checks and warrants in absence of the president or treasurer.

A public written or electronic record of all settled claims shall be maintained.

The record for all such claims settled in the amount of fifty thousand dollars or more (or one percent of the total annual budget of the School District, whichever is less) shall include a written executed settlement agreement. The settlement agreement shall contain a brief description of the claim, the party or parties released under the settlement, and the amount of the financial compensation, if any, paid by or to the School District or on its behalf.  Any such settlement agreement shall be included as an agenda item on the next regularly scheduled public meeting of the School Board for informational purposes or for approval if required.

Any such settled claim or settlement agreement shall be a public record. Nonetheless, specific portions of the record may be withheld from the public to the extent permitted or provided by statute.

The foregoing does not apply to claims made in connection with insured or self-insured health insurance contracts.

Legal Reference:
Laws 2010, LB 742

Adopted:         June 12, 2006
Revised:         November 8, 2010
Revised:         November 11, 2011