Policy 704.02

Financial Records


The accounting systems and procedures for the District shall be set up so as to conform to generally accepted accounting principals (GAAP) as required or modified by law and existing guides from the Nebraska Department of Education. The Superintendent and business staff will be expected to confer with appropriate specialists of the Nebraska Department of Education, Educational Service Unit #3, District Auditors and any other knowledgeable persons or groups in achieving this objective.

The Board shall establish all funds by stating the type of fund, name of the fund, and purpose of the fund. It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent to provide periodic financial statements related to the established funds.


All business functions will be centralized under the direction of the Superintendent’s office. Business functions to be centralized will include: food service program management, central purchasing of goods and supplies, centrally planned menus and regular audit of all accounts.

Lunches may be served at reduced cost, or without cost, to students unable to pay, in accordance with state and federal guidelines. Authorization for lunches to be served to deserving students at less than cost may be granted only by the Superintendent.

The cost of lunches will be based on the cost for preparation and serving of food, cost for components of the meal exclusive of federally donated commodities, and the cost for replacement of expendable items.

The price for school lunch will be fixed at a level calculated to encourage a high level of participation in the program, within the ability of the majority of the parents to pay, and in a break-even manner for the District.

Legal Reference:
NDE Rule 2

Cross Reference:
705 Revenue
706 Expenditures

Adopted: June 12, 2006